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In this section, you will find all the advice sheets related to oral health. Remember that only a specialist in dental surgery is able to make an accurate diagnosis.

You will find advice and explanations on dental health: prevention is the best way to maintain healthy teeth.

The sheets proposed will explain everything you have always wanted to know about:

Oral hygiene, oral diseases, dental prostheses, implants, the aesthetics of the smile.

Know also that the choice to protect, maintain and care for your teeth belongs to everyone. The more frequent the consultations, the lower the cost of care. To keep your teeth alive, making a check-up at least once a year is essential.

Regularly consult your dentist. Your dentist is your advisor. It will help you to implement a personalized prevention taking into account your risk, ie your terrain (shape, position, fragility of your teeth), your bacterial flora, your diet, your sports activity.

Prevention examination

It is a question of diagnosing the carious and periodontal risk, and of implementing a prevention adapted to each without waiting for the appearance of pathologies.

This examination takes into account the characteristics of the individual: general state of health, oral health (field study), salivary characteristics, eating habits, etc.

From this review flow

Personalized hygiene advice, prescriptions (eg fluorine, shower baths …), indications for preventive care such as: fluorinated varnish applications, prophylactic filling of too deep dental grooves …

And the definition of the personal frequency of dental consultations that are necessary to maintain good oral health.

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