Dental health

Brushing well done, at the required frequency, aims to maintain healthy teeth and eliminate plaque. The manual or electric toothbrush must have soft bristles made of synthetic fibers, and handy.

How many times a day ? Brushing twice a day is not enough. It is imperative to brush your teeth after each meal: after an excellent brushing, it remains between 100 and 1000 bacteria per mm² and at the same place, two hours later, there are 2 million. Brushing at noon is essential.

Choice of the toothbrush

The most important feature is the flexibility that is a function of the length of the hair and its diameter. In any case, it is necessary to buy a soft toothbrush which is the only one that allows for an effective and non-aggressive brushing. Brushing with a hard toothbrush regularly causes periodontal recessions.

Choice of toothpaste

The main purpose of toothpaste is to facilitate the removal of dental plaque. The main active ingredient of toothpaste is fluoride. It strengthens the superficial layers of enamel and makes them more resistant to acids produced by bacteria. In adults, toothpaste must contain at least 1,000 ppm (parts per million) of fluoride to be effective.

Brushing techniques

This is not the time we spend washing teeth that allows effective brushing. Above all, it is necessary to favor the method. The best way to remember the sector is to always follow the same pattern in a methodical way. The teeth are cleaned one after the other. For each dental arch, brushing begins with the outer face of the last tooth on one side and ends on the inner side of the same tooth on the same side. For reasons of efficiency (acquiring an automatism), the brushing must be done in the same way every time. Do not forget to brush the tongue that plays an important role in oral hygiene. Indeed the bacteria found on the plate, are also found on the tongue.

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