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The crown

It is a dental prosthesis to protect a tooth that is alive or not (devitalized). A crown artificially reconstructs the crown of the decayed tooth. It can be simple, or associated with an inlay-core (false stump anchored in the root of the tooth by a tenon, which will serve as an anchor to the crown).

The two main advantages are that the tooth is protected … and that a well made crown is not noticed!

The bridge

A bridge can replace an absent tooth, relying on adjacent teeth (one on each side). The principle is the same as for the crown. The bridge can replace an absent tooth, see two, more in some cases.

The advantage is obvious: the bridge can replace a missing tooth, using a fixed system (which should not be removed every day for cleaning). Nevertheless, we must “crown” the teeth that will serve as a pillar.

Ceramic facets

In the cabinet we can realize after personalized study of the ceramic facets which are cosmetic elements which cover your natural teeth for an aesthetic purpose. Example of aesthetic achievements in our cabinet (facets and crowns in pure ceramic)

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